Vancouver Riot

Canucks fans riot near the corner of Georgia & Hamilton after the Bruins win game 7 of the Stanley Cup Playoffs on June 15, 2011 in Vancouver B.C



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    • Donna Christofferson

      . I for one cannot wait to see swift justice to all those involved. I guess we can be thankful to the fact that they they all have the IQ of a nat and let the whole world see there faces

  1. Wow. Compelling images — but just really sad…


  2. It’s such a shame when a love of the game goes way out of control. It’s a game… that’s it. These folks aren’t true fans and shouldn’t represent the lovely people of Vancouver , and Canada as a whole, at all.

    Amazing pictures… thank you so much for sharing!

  3. Very telling shots! There is a police site set up to encourage people who took pics of the riot to upload their pics so they can catch perpetrators…..Kinda sad though to see what happened. As a fellow Canadian (though not from Vancouver) it is really sad to have a city be asociated with that sort of violence! ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  4. As a Vancouverite, it makes me so sad and embarrassed at the people who showed no class at all with the loss. Apparently, the hospitality and grace that was seen during the Olympics was reliant upon the home town winning.

  5. Wow. I watched the game last night and was super disappointed but… I didn’t expect this. These shots are amazing, scary, but amazing nonetheless.

  6. I am ashamed of the way my countrymen behaved. This is unexcusable and an embarrassment to the rest of us. To the rest of the world, please accept my apologies on behalf of Canadians who feel the same as I do.

  7. wow, people can be such animals. They went all the way to Game 7 for Heaven’s Sake!!! Great pictures by the way.. especially the one of the guy in mid slug.

    • Katy

      That man in the black shirt was actually trying to save his truck (pictured in the background) from being lit on fire. People kept throwing burning things in his car and he retaliated. He ended up getting beat up by a large group of people moments after the photo was taken. I saw a video of the whole thing. Tragic.

      • Maybe people were trying to burn his truck, but the guy he was punching was not in a condition to do anything. Look at the photos.

  8. Wow, incredible photos. I consider myself a die-hard sports fan and I love my teams…but I will never understand the point of rioting. I’d rather go home and sulk in private after my team loses a heartbreaker.

  9. WOW! Those are incredible shots, especially the one of the guy throwing that punch.

  10. I have seen recently in the news. This is very interesting, thanks for these pictures.

  11. Too bad, It’s just a game folks. Life goes on tomorrow and the season will start again soon.

  12. Optimus the Ninja

    Holy… wow.

  13. wow. just wow. Great photos of a terrible event. I hope you were not hassled down there.

  14. Disgraceful. Looks like images of a third-world country. Most of these people are not really hockey fans, because all real hockey fans acknowledge the Canucks deserved to lose because of the way they played and that Boston was simply the better team; these are hooligans who always look for an opportunity to smash things and cause a disturbance.

    I hate that this happened only two hours from where I live.

  15. Wow… I’m glad I’m not a sports fan. That was insane.
    Congrats on the Freshly Pressed, by the way.

  16. I can’t believe what a reaction the fans had. The players, especially Kessler, were broken and in tears once the game was called. The Canucks got to the puck and had more shots on goal than the Bruins, BUT their shots were from a mile away and wide! I was cursing through the 2nd and fourth periods. Sure, they lost but it was a long battle. The fans should have shown their team respect and encouragement, not senseless violence and rage.

  17. Great pics……sad that those fans have to stoop that low.

  18. As a proud Canadian, these pictures sadden me. I don’t think it’s necessary to riot to such an extent … over a game! However, they are great photos which capture the moment.

  19. I hope there are many, many arrests made

  20. what is it with sports fans anymore? people were never happy when their team didn’t win, but going on a rampage like they often do these days, what does it accomplish? just seems stupid to me.

    • Charlotte

      These are not sports fans. As one of the 18,000 lucky ticket holders and a Canucks fan in the arena Wednesday night, I can tell you that nearly every one of us stayed and cheered the Bruins as they carried the cup. We chanted Go Canucks Go as our team knelt in defeat on their home ice. We were disappointed fans, but not even remotely related to the thugs who came into our city, with gas masks in their backpacks, intent on causing chaos for the sheer demented fun of it. Wearing a hockey jersey doesn’t constitute being a sports fan. The hooligans don’t represent anything at all about our city or its sports fans. I hope everyone who sees the horrible images (although exceptional photography, I might add), will realize that thugs and miscreants live in every city and we can only encourage our friends around the world to look beyond this one dark and tormented night and continue to visit beautiful Vancouver.

      • The Purple Penguin

        So true…Vancouver is the most beautiful place and I miss it terribly. Those rioters put Vancouver on the map alright…the riot was the biggest news all over the world! Even the Olympics never got this much publicity! What a shame….

  21. mcrobertsphotography

    Great photos, and perfect photojournalism, really nice job.

  22. great photos. terrible situation. i’m assumed to be a vancouverite.

  23. These people should be ashamed of themselves! The scene looks like a war zone, and that’s what’s most appalling! There are people dying in real war all over the world, yet these people react to a sport as if it were a war!
    They need to get it through their heads–it is a sport, not a war!

    • chall

      This isn’t about the sport its about drunken idiots loooking to start trouble this isn’t how Vancouver is this is just how the generation is nowadays& its getting worse&worse

  24. Your photos are really nice but they also scare and shock me. It’s really strange to me that people could go that crazy over a game. It’s understandable if people riot or protest over losing their jobs, or anything unfair with the government but to take it that far…for a game? Instead of a riot it looks like a war zone. Makes me rethink of ever wanting to go to any live game and just watching it on tv in the comfort of my home.

  25. Great shots of the riots! Downtown Vancouver is almost unrecognisable like this.

  26. I’m still in shock after having witnessed the riot last night. I can still smell the burning rubber and taste the tear gas. I’m so incredibly disappointed in and ashamed of my city.

    Your photos are incredible.

  27. Crazy! i know Vancouver is a great town and was even a recent host to the Olympics and this is what they do when they lose, can’t imagine if they had actually won.

  28. Impressive pictures! They transmit the feeling of the brutality and anger very well!
    My “favorite” (if you can use a positive word like this in such an situation as captured) is #10, incredible timing.
    Don’t get me wrong when I’m talking so positive, the pictures are great, but it makes me sad to see people act like this just because of a game. I mean it’s sports, one team has to lose.

  29. Fists and fire and beer-filled streets, all bookended by Canucks jerseys. So intense.

  30. I was so surprised by Vancouver. I mean, I’d expect it from Montreal, but Vancouver??!

    As brutal as they are, thanks for sharing your photos.

  31. Unfortunately, I am not surprised at all. This being the 40th anniversary year for Vancouver’s NHL team and all the pressure and hype created throughout the year, it is a huge letdown to not just this season of play but to all 40 years of Canuck history. It is heart-breaking for die-hard Canuck fans and unfortunately heart-ache will often manifest in voilence. I have been a Canuck fan since birth and feel badly for the city of Vancouver and the team right now. Great Pictures though. They really capture the moment!

  32. This isn’t the first time this has happened in Vancouver, but I’m hoping it’ll be the last.

    It’s photos like these that made me wonder whether the nature of fandom has gone too far. While I love sports, I wonder if there’s reasons as to why we act outside of ourselves over the results of a game. Granted, it’s not the majority of the fans that are committing acts of violence after a loss, but it’s a disturbing trend that we’ve seen over decades now.

  33. Congratulations on being freshly pressed.

    As a longtime Vancouver resident and Canucks fan, I can only say that the violence expressed here by a few individuals has been largely deplored by the City of Vancouver, by the Vancouver Canucks team, and the fans in general. More than 100,000 watched the game on the jumbotron downtown – and most of them were dismayed and disgusted by the behaviour of those who chose violence as a vent for their frustration at the loss – if, in fact, that was even the reason they behaved this way.

    Yes, I am sad that the Canucks did not win the Stanley Cup. But yes, it is even more terrible that the acts of violence following that loss took place. Not impressed! And yet at the same time it is heartening to see how the majority of fans have spoken out against it. In fact, a facebook page has been created @ https// to ralley fans who would like to volunteer to help clean up the mess that others have caused.

    Thank you for sharing these images, as they are one side of a story gone terribly sideways. Please also feel free to post images of true fans turning up downtown with brooms in hand, willing to help out wherever and however they can to turn this around. That, is actually a much more realistic and representative side of Vancouver and Canucks fans that is definitely worth pressing about.

    And while I congratulate the Bruins on winning the Stanley Cup in 2011, here’s hoping that the guys in blue, white & green can pull it off next year. Go Canucks Go!

    Komments By Kris

    • Aren’t these images of true fans? Yes, there are two sides but unfortuately this is the world we live in. You’ll probably never see the fans with brooms in hand. Not “exciting” enough. As for winning next year, after seeing this I can honestly say I hope they never win and honestly, if I lived in Vancouver, I would want them out of the city altogether. This is sports, it’s idiotic.

      • Hi John:

        While the definition is open to debate, I would respectfully choose to differ, not consider true fans those individuals who come downtown with knives in hand, a teddy bear effigy at the ready and an accelerant prepared. The instigating fire was obviously premeditated, whether the Canucks would lose or win. That seems to be more about intentional destruction than about being a fan that joins the crowd to cheer on your team.

        And losing the seventh Stanley Cup game, even if it takes place in a different city, has not prevented such a rampage, as the sad story of 1994 reveals. So not winning has not been the ultimate solution so far either. What happened was not about sports. It was about people who made some horrific choices that affected thousands and thousands of other people.

        The instigators are the only ones who are able to make a change – by choosing not to be destructive, and using their creativity and skills in ways that will benefit others and make them proud of the contibrution they are able to make to society. But that choice cannot be legislated, and it will probably not be made even if the perpetrators are caught, charged, fined or possibly incarcerated. You can legislate behaviour, but there is no law that can make you want to be a good citizen. This is everybody’s own choice. And they certainly have the opportunity going forward to make that choice. However no one can make them do so.

        But it is all said and done, and yes, I think the fall-out after the game was deplorable, disgusting, detestable, and I really do not think there are enough adjectives to describe how shameful, horrific and sad it was. And yet at the same time, I would hope that the negative actions and attitudes of a comparatively few members of the public will not be able to terminate or prevent any future public events. There was enough hostage-taking, metaphorically speaking, as it was. And the fact that many thousands of people have spoken out against what happened and made their brooms available – whether their stories go viral or not – is heartwarming and I believe bodes well for the future of Vancouver, a city that I still consider an honour and a privilege to call home.

        But enough said. All that aside, and for a complete change of subject, I stopped by your blog and am impressed. Some great captures! Have bookmarked your site and am looking forward to checking out your photos in the future.


  34. This was a very sad evening for my City of Vancouver and not a true reflection of the vast majority of people who live in this great part of the world. Hopefully another photo-journalist or blogger will post the pictures of the average citizens who came downtown this morning, for free, to help clean up the mess from the after math; that’s the true spirit of the City of Vancouver. While the core group of trouble makers and rioters where a very small minority; I was very disappointed while watching the imagines of the riot on TV last night to see so many people hanging around the streets last night, that in my view only helped contribute to the problem even more. The on lookers and people who just stood there and watched what took place should be ashamed of themselves for sticking around for hours on end after the game was over. In my view, the thousands of on lookers who made no effort to leave, only helped to exasperate the problem further. If the average person who was downtown Vancouver last night had of left as soon as the problems broke out, the police and authorities would of had a better opportunity at containing the problem much sooner.

  35. For a minute I thought I was looking at the new years day crowds at the David Jones sales! Boy! Those fans sure do love the game!

  36. fireandair

    I hate to say it since I’ve always had a favorable impression of Vancouver … but as an American, it’s reassuring to know that we’re not ALWAYS the stupidest, most violent, meanest country on Earth, and that even our uber-polite, self-possessed northern neighbor can give us a run for our money sometimes. Between Vancouverites going all Thunderdome over a hockey game and Iceland shoving its head clean up its ass over banking corruption, even the countries we look up to can be as idiotic as we can.

    Seriously, I’m not kidding … it’s nice to let someone else take the crown of World’s Most Violent and Stupid Country for a while, even if it is only a second.

    Note also that can see all of two female faces in those photos, and one’s a cop …

  37. Poetic that most of your pictures are in front of a Canada Post (outlet? office?). Perhaps the rioting had a little to do with the fact that they are currently on strike and locked out of their offices now? I’d like to think so – considering I live in the north and rely on the postal service for a LOT.

    Regardless, I feel a little ashamed to be Canadian at the moment. This almost looks worse than the G20 in Toronto last summer…

    • C B

      Almost? There were 2 police cars burned at the G20. 2! The starbucks window was smashed, as were many other businesses, but this kind of looting was absent. There were also no stabbings during the G20 brouhaha.

  38. Today…for the first time I am actually embarrassed to be Canadian.

  39. Phenomenal photos of a detestable and diabolical riot! I just hope some of those depraved and destructive bas-turds get arrested and spend some time in jail. I suppose if Vancouver won, they’d probably do the same. All this destruction and mayhem over a frickin hockey game. Idiots and dumb asses __absolutely disgraceful!

  40. Excellent display of photo journalism!

  41. wilderquill

    Two things: Why is the bald dude punching someone? Punching fellow hockey fans must just be so much fun that he can’t control himself.

    And I wonder what the bearded dude with the red hair is yelling about. Perhaps…” I want more hockey, you bitches!”

    What fools…I’m glad Van. lost even more now. Funny how these fans love their cities’ team so much that they want to destroy the city itself.

    • Jason

      He’s trying to defend his truck. He was trying to push people away from setting his truck on fire. They wouldnt stop so he punched out one guy than got lynched after. Don’t always assume.

  42. manc1968

    Massively impactful. I thought it was Greece during tthe austerity riots…

  43. These are great photos, thank you for sharing them. The amount of professional as well as amateur photography and video that was taken last night in Vancouver will help the Vancouver police (who did an EXCELLENT job) hold those accountable for what happened.

    It almost goes without saying but I want to reiterate: these people do not reflect the general sentiment of Vancouver Canucks fans. Most were $h*# disturbers who showed up prepared to do this before the game even started. Terrible.

  44. Bizarre, ugly, violent. Looks like a Tea Party rally. ๐Ÿ™‚

  45. stunning photojournalism. amazing. your bravery is pretty stunning too. thanks!

  46. Uh wow??? omg, and I know a few people from Vancouver and just found out about this. Craziness. I’m an Albertan.

  47. Such a shame for these idiots… but very nice photos! You did a nice job covering it, especially his one :

    Killer shot!

  48. This should not happen, thanks for sharing

  49. Woe, Canada. it’s just a game, people…much as you’d like to think otherwise. great photos.

  50. Wow! Great shots. Must have ben scary to be that close to the violence. You caught a moment in history (an ugly moment, but a moment nonetheless). It’s important for people to share what really goes on in the world. Thanks!

    On a different note, I’m embarrassed to be a Canadian today ๐Ÿ˜ฆ What on earth are people thinking (perhaps they’re not)? It’s just a game. It should be fun, and yes, it’s disappointing when your favorite team loses, but it’s no excuse for destruction. I hope they arrest the fighters and looters. What does that have to do with hockey? Throw the book at them!

  51. I was down there last night, right at Canada Post, and left only shortly before they flipped that car. I’ve never been so scared in my life, and I don’t know that I’ll ever feel the same way about Vancouver again. I’ve got to send out a big thank you to you, and all the other brave photographers and videographers whose guts may help the Police make some much needed arrests.

    What happened last night hurts Vancouver, hurts the Canucks’ fan base, and hurts the team. As a lifelong hockey fan, I know that there’s inherent violence in the game itself, but the worst thing you can do as a fan is be violent. Events like this put a life-long black mark on the team and the fans. I’ve heard a few people say that true hockey fans riot when they’re serious about their team’s performance. But a true fan knows that by being peaceful, celebratory, and happy is the best way to support any team in any sport.

    The worst part is how a repeat of 1994 like this may hurt future public events downtown. I was also there for Game 6, and the whole vibe was bright, happy and cheerful. It was a wonderful feeling to be with other hockey fans supporting a team that was mere points away from making hockey history. I hope that in another year not too far in the future, we can have another wonderful experience of a whole city coming together to support a great team and a great game without the fear and threat of riot looming.

  52. Jessica

    I’m so glad that this got on the front page of wordpress. The image is amazing, it really captured the scene of last night. As a fellow Vancouvrite, I’ve never been so ashamed of the city. This is ridiculous, it spiraled out of control just because of one hockey game. I understand the passion for hockey, but that doesn’t give the rioters the right to destroy public damage and personal properties… who’s going to pay for that? You and I. It’s such an embarrassment and it just proves how much of sore losers we really are.. well some of us. I hope justice bites them back and I hope they’re filled with guilt when they’re sober enough to realized what’ve they done.

    If we can’t handle a loss, we sure as hell don’t deserve the cup.

  53. How disturbing, but GREAT photos! What a shame! It seems people really are the same all over unfortunately. . .it just makes me feel better & sadder that America is not alone in their lunacy of rioting over NOTHING!! Sports is sports, these people weren’t even playing the game, where does the blood lust come in? Alcohol?

  54. Meg

    Wow, this is all really intense. These photos really capture the craziness… I didn’t think Canadians would get so violent! I’m gonna nominate you for a Versatile Blog Award. Here are the rules if you choose to accept said award:1. Thank the person who awarded you and link back to them in your post.
    2. Tell 7 Random facts about yourself.
    3. Pass the award on to 7 new found (or old favorite) bloggers.
    4. Contact each blogger you want to pass the award on to and let them know youโ€™ve done so, and let the giver of your award know you accept itโ€ฆ or not.
    Happy blogging

  55. I never think of Canadians doing things like this….I’m blown away by the violence, messiness and flames. Who knew?

  56. Dissapointing. How does burning your own city help in any way?

  57. Good post by the way.
    …and I think Jessica from above said it best. If you can’t handle one loss, well, maybe you didn’t deserve the cup in the first place.

  58. Herd mentality. What a shame. Here’s to hoping these yahoos aren’t UFC fans.

  59. Oh wow, its just a game its not like your favorite Team Died and you feel sad…Its just a game people….

  60. Brad

    100,000 people having a great time
    10,000 people reluctant to leave b/c of the spectacle
    1000 people wasted enough to make matters a lot worse
    100 people stupid enough to do stupid things
    10 (or maybe many more) who preplanned this, win or lose.
    they brought hammers and/or incendiaries with them.
    Dr House would say: idiocy

  61. tahl

    Not only did we lose our game last night, but a few idiots made sure we lost our dignity as a city as well. Beautiful pictures of a city laid to waste by mob mentality.

  62. wadingacross

    Ignorant. Absolute ignorance. I doubt most residents of Vancouver feel that violence is appropriate, so I don’t blame Vancouver or feel less of the city and its general denizens. The world has seen riots all over the place for various reasons, mostly inane. Sports?!

    Yeah, the destruction of private and public property to “vent” your anger really makes a point. It makes a point that you’re a moron and have invested way, way too much personal emotion in a sport, which by the way, YOU ARE NOT EVEN PLAYING!

    In some respects you can almost understand why people might riot and get destructive over economic or political issues, but even then it’s senseless… unless you’re an anarchist or hard leftist seeking to upset the socio-economic and political balances.

    I wonder how many of the thugs who instigated and engaged in the violence and destruction went to the game with the mindset and/or preparation to act like a three year old when the game was over, win or lose? I wonder how many attendees were avowed anarchists and trouble makers betting they could use the event as a venue to “express themselves”

    With such great, clear photos it’d be quite easy for authorities to pick up a number of individuals – if they haven’t already gotten everyone they want to get. I hope they get a book thrown at them, and eventually learn they’ve been living like a bunch of spoiled, ignorant children.

    There is zero excuse for this. Zero, no matter what “reasons” psychologists or sociologists give. That such things have happened through history do not make it any more reasonable (look up: Nika riots)

  63. Fantastic photographs. Quite amazing really. Here in England we have a history of similar scenes associated with football (or soccer as you guys call it) but it is a shock to see such scenes in a place most English people would never have top of their list as being tribally violent, especially in relation to a game.

    Funnily enough a friend of mine was in Vancouver just a week ago or so and was joking about the rivalry (friendly) that she’d witnessed amongst Canadians in relation to this game. Think I’ll send her the link and see what she thinks. I think she’ll be shocked.

    Only other similar scenes I have seen outside of England were at a Rugby League match in Sydney back in 2004, close-up, and that was as vivid and violent (and bloody frightening). Here in England we just don’t expect to see what used to be called the ‘English disease’ manifest in what we consider to be more pacifistic places (in terms of sport at least).

    Superb blogging. What it’s all about, well done.

  64. These are really great pictures! I can’t believe one hockey game can injure so many people, it’s really heartbreaking. However, those people definitely aren’t the real Canucks fans. People were just ready to riot no matter if the Canucks win or not. Some drunk, pathetic, idiots trying to get attention from the medias. I know that it was a really embarrassing moment on part of Vancouver, but we can’t say “we are embarrassed to be Canadians” because that’s not what all Canadians are like. This riot can not describe how “all canadians” are, because not all of us are like that. It’s just the little proportion of people who are immature.There were a lot of people who came out in the morning to clean up the streets, and a lot of people who tried to stop the riot. I’m really sad that Vancouver has a really bad reputation in the world right now because of this impulsive riot. Sorry if I got too carried away, I was really upset about this last night. But once again, great pictures ๐Ÿ™‚

  65. Thats disgraceful, what poor sports, i understand that the conucks lost but atleast they tried their hardest right?, Its retarted that some holigans would do this to vancover, I wouln’t be surprized if they say that vancover can;t have a hockey team to represent them. And to make it worst the croud thought it was entertaining that there stores were getting demolished.

    Well there going to have to deal with the consequences, like prices are going to go up in price and stuff. Wow even our nation identity has changed over this issue. This really effected everyone.

  66. Dee

    These photos are incredible, and they definitely capture a moment of the worst, and un-called for reaction. What was this rioting supposed to accomplish? Clearly it doesn’t change that the Canucks lost, or show Canadian’s in a good light. It would be different if it was a close game, but Boston killed it! They played well, and smart. I love Canadian hockey, and would have loved seeing a Canadian team win, but this just makes us all look stupid. Way to go…

  67. Matt

    Way to stay classy, canada!

  68. Holy s… It’s so surprising. Everybody seem to get used to raging british soccer hooligans but calm canadians making disorder after hockey loss… Just wow…
    I don’t think sport should be excuse for any kind of violence.

  69. Wonderful, crisp, shots in the heat of the action. I wouldn’t mind standing on a cop car, but still wouldn’t be violent as some of those idiots. I think its also frustration at other problems in their lives and so they decide to vent after their rage is sparked by the loss to Boston. Pathetic.

  70. Great pics!
    I’d expect this from most US cities but I have to admit I’m surprised this happened in Canada!

  71. As a guy cheering for Boston, I’m happy to get out of Downtown when I did yesterday -_-

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  73. Glad someone bumped Detroit off the riot headlines this week. Thanks Vancouver!

  74. uslilbella

    Thanks for the pictures of Fan Chaos.

  75. Bob

    We’re talking about a hockey game right? By the looks of the photos I thought perhaps the Canadian economy collapsed or something.

  76. For a generation of Bruins fans, new stories to be told…

  77. Apparently, win or lose, some people were planning to start a riot anyway. Some people are crazy.
    Don’t understand the burning/punching people thing either…

  78. These people can hardly call themselves Canucks fans.The real fans left with dignity and respect. They wouldn’t make their team feel worse by destroying the city they play for. These people are a disgrace to the city, the province and the country. They are suspected to have been planning the riot no matter what happened. The first vehicle that was burned -the one that started everything- is said to have been brought their specifically for that purpose -to cause trouble.
    No, I deffinately don’t think the game loss is the real reason these people were acting like this. But the cause doesn’t change the fact that dozens of people were injured, businesses were destroyed and the attention the teams should have been getting for their amazing season is now being overshadowed by these sad and pathetic events.

    • Just a friendly heads-up – the man you dexcribe as being a bully is actually a victim of the violence, and he is just trying to prevent his truck from being destroyed. Not condoning his behaviour, and not excusing any of the violence – but that man was desperate to save his vehicle. His response had nothing to do with the fact that the Vancouver Canucks lost their hockey game.

      You can check it out in the video posted a few comments down by The Cryptojournalist.

      But enough said – the whole thing was unnecessary and it was beyond-words-terrible.

    • bert easterbrook

      Thank you for leaving a horribly misinformed comment about the photos taken of myself DEFENDING a small business owner’s work vehicle.

      The picture of the arsonist punk laying on the ground was taken AFTER i hit him for throwing a burning newspaper past my head into the passenger window of said work truck after i had just sustained significant burns to my hand from having already pulled the flaming paper OUT! And thanks for commenting on the loose skin left over from having recently lost 125lbs… sorry that a caregiver for the special needs cant afford the atrocious cost of a tummy tuck so i dont offend bigoted mouthpieces such as yourself.

      Myself and 3 other good men stood up to THOUSANDS of drunken out of controll fools who were bent on following the chants of a select evil few who wanted to see the truck, and then the city burn! I see you talking trash but i was one of the ones getting between the “thugs” and i was mobbed for it while being called a cop and a pig, and then have to read your ignorant misinformed insults… there’s a carrot to reach for when presented with the opportunity to get between a rioter and a working mans way to make a living.

      • bert easterbrook

        I also noticed myself in photo 11 which clearly shows me assisting to hold the police perimiter… these were all great shots Tijana! i would love to get some quotes on signed 11×17’s. One will be presented to Jodie Emery.

  79. Wow, these are great photographs. . seriously. Even though I’ve seen these things on the news and in newspapers, it is something completely different to be able to see a series of photographs like these from a different point of view.

    Thanks for sharing, and congrats! We got Freshly Pressed! ๐Ÿ™‚


  80. Blake

    I’m still blown away that this happened in broad daylight.

  81. Wow, amazing pictures. How ridiculous!

  82. Being a Canadian and a proud Canucks fan, I was completely horrified at the events after the final game. Yes, I was too upset about the lost. But what ever happened to winning with grace? Im so embarassed about the actions of Vancouver citizens. It was completely shameful to watch on the news. It takes forever to gain respect for a city, but only seconds to ruin its reputation. And unfortunatly that was what happend last night. I realize that alot of the people commiting the crimes were just there to do so, but there were quite a few “fans” there causing destruction as well. To all the people that had to clean up the mess this morning, thank you. You are the REAL canuck fans.

  83. Cookie!

    If you think about it, if the Canucks would have won, the fans would have done the EXACT SAME THING ’cause they would be really happy! For me, playing hockey is just for fun and if you get to the final, it’s a HUGE accomplishment and if you lose, you always have next year. (We have Winnipeg now to help us out!)

  84. Great images, being a Bruins fan I thought it would get out of hand after winning the championship but in fact it was quite calm, of course there were many celebrating but with full respect to the city of Boston.. I would never imaging these Vancouver fans with such anger. These images truly captured the MADNESS!

  85. FYI, this clip from YouTube captures the pickup truck knockout in a fuller scope

  86. As a Lower Mainlander in BC, I’m ashamed of the behavior of my fellow British Columbians. I would argue, however, that these are not sports fans as much as they are hooligans who planned to riot no matter the outcome. This is not the Vancouver that I know and love. It is the actions of a small number of mindless individuals who were looking for an excuse to wreck things.

    As for the post, you’ve captured, without editorial, the disappointing spirit of the riots in Vancouver. Great work.


    Your photos are truly amazing, capturing some intense moments during this now infamous day in Vancouver’s history. As a Vancouverite, I can tell you that I feel terrible and ashamed of the way this group of hooligans and thugs managed to bring disrepute and embarrassment to such a wonderful city, a city that in reality is very laid back and populated by kindhearted, proud, law abiding, citizens! Wonderful photography!!

  88. Great shots, I just heared about this from the news but could not believe that this really happened.

  89. How did this guy make it past moderation?

  90. Veronika Corrales

    Great photos TIjana!

  91. Sad to see this type of thing going on. But EXCELLENT shots, especially the guy been hit.

  92. Local Guitarhack

    Vancouver thugs acted like kids that don’t get their way in a toy store and have a tantrum. Talk about unsportsmanlike conduct! It’s no longer a game if Police in RIOT GEAR are called in because the downtown is being burned and smashed up. God forbid that they ever loose again. I know it’s not what Vancouver is about, it’s going to take time to recover and heal.

  93. I agree with darthbergen up there. I think the same thing would have happened had the Canucks won. This riot wasn’t really about a hockey game at all, but about people who came out with destruction in mind.

    While the scene is horrible, the photos are fantastic. Great documentation.

  94. thethrillofitall

    I like this, it’s a poignant take on a foolish, destructive riot

    • Deb

      Agreed, the images are wonderful, but the fans… I went to a university with a really popular sports team, and we had riots like this. It just made me feel ashamed to admit that I was going to the same school with these maniacs. It’s really disturbing how many people are willing to do horrible things just because they’re in a large group. It seems to make it easy for people to absolve themselves of personal responsibility.

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  96. infinite monkey theorem

    Great photo essay of a sad occurrence. In America we are always told that we are the only population that would even consider such acts. In truth, there is very little that is the strict provence of any one culture. These events are aspects of human nature. Pitiful yes, but universal behaviors.

  97. Amazing photography Tijana. Last night was a shocking moment that had us all in awe and disbelief and I’m glad you managed to capture it like this as tasteful as it could be for what it was.
    I’m proud of you.

  98. Pingback: Vancouver Riot (via Tijana Martin Photography) « Text and Photos by Jude Bautista

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  100. Mercurial

    This riot was embarrassing and sad but with the new sun Vancouver showed what we really were made of. To all those who came and cleaned up the city Thank you! they let us hold our head up high and allow us to continue to feel pride for our country

  101. Hello. You know, this is truly an unfortunate event. Where a city that should be proud of it’s professional hockey championship, the ugliness of this situation and images presented above will tarnish an awesome season for the true hockey fans of Vancouver. A very very sad situation, indeed. Thank you. ๐Ÿ™‚

  102. Total madness… good shots..

  103. Sad, whats wrong with people.

  104. AD

    This has to be an historically stupid riot.

  105. i would just say a mad mad world. though i love the pic the big guy knocking out the other one. Pure Adrenaline i guess

  106. These images are compelling. Having said that, it’s sad to see such a thing actually happening.

    Thank you for sharing.

  107. This riot was started by anarchists and would have proceeded win or lose. A sad commentary on our spoiled youth: while so many people around the world are fighting for basic rights, these young hooligans rioted out of pure enjoyment of destruction, looting, and lack of respect for others.
    We shouldn’t forget that there were people who tried to stop the disaster, who aided those in danger, attempted to stop the vandalism and looting, and helped clean up the next day. These are the people who are newsworthy, not the hooligans.

  108. sallyjeangenter

    I’ve learned as much from the comments as from the pictures. Glad for the post or I may not have grasped the full scope of the situation. Being from another hockey town, I don’t recall hearing about riots when our team lost the Stanley in past years. I hope I never do.

  109. mikb

    Wow! pictures speak a thousand words… in this case, a million i say… Amazing pictures! (ouch! to the guy who got hit in the face :))

  110. ali

    wow, you were right in the hear of it ๐Ÿ™‚ great photos

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