Canucks Fans ( Prior to Riot)

Canucks fans gathered outside of CBC in Vancouver B.C to watch game seven of the Stanley Cup finals on June 15, 2011



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6 responses to “Canucks Fans ( Prior to Riot)

  1. This tells a decidedly different story than the pictures from the riot. The change from beginning to end is particularly striking. Appreciate that you’ve shared these as well…

  2. beautiful and fascinating companion piece to the freshly pressed one.

  3. Thank you for capturing such powerful moments. Great narrative story and lots of emotions! I am also publishing mine as I write:)

  4. mcrobertsphotography

    SO much hope showed, and then the photos you captured afterwards shows the aftermath, beautiful job.

  5. Bravo !! Superbe reportage sur l’imbécillité des personnes et la stupidité des supporterais.

  6. nickypearsonmusic

    Amazing shots, very powerful and emotional all at the same time. Thank you.

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