PhotoJ Wednesday

For the next few Wednesdays, I will be posting a few photos that are related to photojournalism.

My school has taken an interest in fundraising for UNICEF, and it feels good to be part of a community that supports organizations like this. Even though it’s been a little chilly here in Vancouver lately, it didn’t stop them from having a BBQ. They were selling hotdogs to fundraise for UNICEF, and the weather didn’t stop anyone from purchasing one.


When I moved to Vancouver two years ago, there was always a giant ditch next to The Roxy. I’ve only really ever been by there at night, when all the rats seems to come out to play. Today I passed by there, and noticed some construction going on. It was an interesting perspective because the area was all covered up, except for a few holes that had developed in the tarps. I quickly grabbed my camera to take a few shots through the holes. I’m constantly looking for different perspectives, I like how these turned out.


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