Lest We Forget

On Thursday November 11th starting at 10:00 AM, thousands of people were gathered around Victory Square (West Hastings & Cambie) in order to watch the Remembrance Day ceremony. This war memorial hosts the biggest Remembrance Day ceremony in Vancouver.

Remembrance Day marks a time where people can come together in order to honor Canadian soldiers who have served during times of war, conflict and peace. The streets were filled with hundreds of veterans, their family members and patriotic Canadians.

The ceremony began with the mounting of the guards and was followed by Vancouver’s’ very own Bach Youth choir who performed a song. Soon after, the parade began and veterans, fire rescue, RCMP, cadets and many more all participated in the march. The crows applauded and cheered for everyone who was participating as a way of showing thanks. Veterans marched with their heads up high, showing pride for what they have done but also showed remorse for those lives that were lost.

“ O Canada” was sung by everyone at Victory Square and filled the streets of Vancouver with song. Many placed their hands on their heard to show their love for out country. Shortly after, at 11AM the two minutes of silent began. A Street packed with thousands of people and ambient noise quickly became a place of complete silence.

Lest we forget.


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